Handso Soap Holder & Sponge Combo

Posted: March 09, 2022
Handso Soap Holder & Sponge Combo
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Handso claims to be the world's first soap holder and sponge combo. A soap dish you can use like a sponge. A soap storer and body washer in one. I don't keep saying it in different ways to try to wrap my head around Handso as a concept, which is very simple. I say it because, really? No one ever thought of this before? It's such a great - and seemingly obvious - idea.

Ah well. Guess all the bathroom product thinker uppers were too busy developing the TubShroom, Squatty Potty, and My Shiney Hiney Brush Set.

As an all-in-one soap dish and sponge, Handso:

  • Takes up less space in your bathtub or shower.
  • Eliminates handling, and dropping, slimy, slippery bars of soap.
  • Reduces plastic waste, since liquid shower gels must be bottled, but bar soap is easily packaged in recycled and recyclable paper.
  • Outlasts mesh sponges and loofahs, by up to 10 years, and doesn't get gunked up or moldy thanks to silicone bristles.
  • Is safe and hygienic for shared use, since the bar soap inside the dish never comes into direct contact with skin or the outside environment.
  • Is sized for use with most shapes and sizes of classic bar soap and solid cosmetics.

To use Handso, you'll add your favorite bar of soap and seal it inside the dish. Then open the Handso refill cap and fill it about halfway with water. This should be enough to lather your entire body. Finally, get scrubbin'. Handso describes its lather as "very fine," and I'm guessing they mean both texture and quality there, and the bristles as soft, but sturdy enough to "cleanse your skin in depth."

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