Pelex Dishcloth & Sponge Holder

Posted: February 26, 2020
Pelex Dishcloth & Sponge Holder
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The Pelex dishcloth and sponge holder is one of Peleg Design's newest releases, coming soon to keep your kitchen sink company. Your Egguins too, if you bought a waddle of them for your egg-boiling needs.

Able to sit still for hours - days, weeks, years, even! - thanks to a strong suction cup on his belly, the Pelex has the additional dual talent of storing your kitchen sponge or scrubber in his back, and your dishcloth draped over his nose. The latter is extra-long, so Pelex can sit at the edge of your sink and dangle a wet cloth such that it won't drip on your countertop.

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