Music Pillows

Posted: February 08, 2021
Music Pillows
$58 - $202
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Yep, Alona Dudich's Music Pillows look exactly like the types of synthesizers and mixers an experienced DJ would let me use to show off my own skills in the booth. Hey Mr. Tiesto! I think something happened to your turntables and console! They're not making any sound when I try to use them, and they feel like they're filled with...with...polyester fiber?

EDM fans, festival and club enthusiasts (not to mention those nostalgic for the days they could go to them), and of course DJs themselves should break into a smile, and possibly a beat, at the sight of these handmade Music Pillows. They come modeled after various styles and brands of synthesizers, mixers, and turntables, all meticulously sewn from cashmere, with felt appliques.

Dudich can also make a pillow to order in other colors and sizes than those listed, if you have a specific wish for your Music Pillow or idea for the perfect gift for a musician in your life.

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