Entropy Chair

Posted: September 10, 2022
Entropy Chair
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It looks like the web of a spider on mushrooms. It looks like the OG Windows screensaver gone wrong. It looks like someone you would not want on your Apocalypse Team got ahold of the bungee cords. It looks like...entropy! Pure geometric disorder. And it's the perfect design for a piece of seating called the Entropy Chair. A chair that, until I saw a photo of someone sitting in it, I couldn't even figure out where in that declining mess a human butt would go.

Maker Phillips Collection calls the Entropy Chair a "frenetically woven choice for seating." A metal cube serves as the structure for lengths of black cord wrapped around and criss-crossed through it to form a chaotic arrangement of webbing. But despite its random - and unnerving - appearance, Phillips notes the cords have been strung thoughtfully enough to create a secure chair you actually sit in. If you dare.

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