Pablo Reinoso Spaghetti Benches

Posted: January 23, 2020
Pablo Reinoso Spaghetti Benches

Rest your carbo-loaded belly, your thunk-too-hard noodle, and your gassed-out spaghetti legs on one of Pablo Reinoso's Spaghetti Benches. The seating is a series of standard wood and metal public benches, each typically built with one end culminating in an unexpected extension of crawling, winding, and twirling individual pieces that resemble everyone's favorite pasta. Spaghetti Benches are truly a feast for the eyes.

Anyone got a marinara sauce blanket and some meatball pillows?

Pablo Reinoso is an Argentinian-born artist living in France. He began his Spaghetti Bench series in 2006, and has since crafted over a dozen of them for various business, residential, indoor, and outdoor spaces.

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