Cobra Storage Garage Door Rack

Posted: May 10, 2023
Cobra Storage Garage Door Rack
$35 - $39.99
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I don't know if feng shui or Marie Kondo would like the looks of a Cobra Storage Garage Door Rack, but dudes. What a way to maximize space in your garage. Cobra Storage originally developed their Cobra Racks to secure and organize fishing rods, but as you can see, the holders are game to elevate and eliminate the clutter of brooms and mops, long-handled gardening tools, pool skimmers, and hockey sticks too.

Cobra Storage Racks come in 18" or 21" pairs, the former made to fit most 5-panel garage doors, and the latter for most 4-panel doors. Clamping hardware is also included, and no tools are required for installation on standard doors. Rack sets hold up to 6 fishing rods / equivalent gear.

If you're not keen on the garage door part of the Cobra Storage Garage Door Rack, you can also mount the holders to a wall or ceiling - Cobra Storage will include the necessary hardware by request. Who needs a gift for Dad?

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