ASB Nautilus Glass LED Hot Tub

Posted: December 29, 2021
ASB Nautilus Glass LED Hot Tub

Now this is a hot tub that looks like a time machine. The ASB Nautilus is the world's first all-glass hot tub. And to further highlight that feat of physics, ASB has lined their whirlpools' floors with RGB LEDs in customizable colors, all of which look ready to transport you back to a circa 1986 ski resort.

Nautilus hot tubs consist of 5 sides of safety glass reinforced with minimalistic stainless steel on the corners. The bottom panels are non-slip and, as mentioned above, where the LED magic happens. They come in Mk I, Mk II, and Mk III models, each with more lights and features than the last. The Mk I has a 5cm wide RGB LED strip running its perimeter, while the entirety of the Mk II and Mk III floor panels are covered in evenly spaced LEDs for full immersion in heat, light, and mood.

None of the glass LED hot tub models has jets or bench seating, which ASB tries to explain away as gimmicky, even though they've just created a transparent hot tub that puts on a neon light show under the asses of the people using it.

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