YETI Hondo Base Camp Chair

Posted: January 10, 2018
YETI Hondo Base Camp Chair
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The empty weight of YETI's forthcoming Hondo Base Camp Chair is a hefty 16-1/2 pounds. But I think its load bearing capacity more than compensates for the additional load it imposes. During testing, the chair's break point was over 3,000 pounds. Meaning no ass on earth is going break a Hondo.

Correction: no human ass. I just Googled, "How much do elephants weigh?" and it's way, way more than 3,000 pounds. African bush elephants are the world's biggest and heaviest land animal, and they have clocked in at up to 23,000 pounds! And even that is only a fraction of the nearly 400,000 pounds some blue whales have weighed!

Not to detract from the Hondo Base Camp Chair's durability though. YETI still built it sturdy enough to hold the largest of our species. And the largest of the yeti species too for that matter.

YETI covers the Hondo's burly, nearly-indestructible frame with Easybreathe Mesh built with equally nearly-indestructible Flexgrid technology. The effect: the Base Camp Chair will hold you without losing its shape, and without forming pressure points that make sitting in it uncomfortable after 15 minutes.

Additional Hondo Base Camp Chair features include solid, cast joints like the ones used in truck door hinges, a seamless over-mold that won't break or tear, and a hauler handle built in to the frame so you can lug the Hondo around.

YETI anticipates releasing the Hondo Base Camp Chair in the spring of 2018, at which point it's going to make a faaaantastic Gift for a Man.

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