WaveJet Motorized Surfboard

Posted: April 12, 2012
WaveJet Motorized Shortboard
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"Aquamotive Technology" and "Personal Water Propulsion" devices are what WaveJet water pods term themselves. I think that's a fancy way to say "Go-Go-Gadget surfboard". Rechargeable and controlled wirelessly with a wristband, WaveJets propel boards through the water, either helping to navigate sticky currents, or transporting riders faster to and through the waves. They can even be attached to kayaks, light boats, and SCUBA gear.

Undoubtedly, surfing purists are going to take issue with the WaveJet. A machine to paddle you out? A motor to hit your mark? Lame. And, to an extent, the reaction is justified. Athletes who take steroids aren't cool, and athletes who feed steroids to their equipment aren't cool either. But what about those of us who aren't athletes or aficionados? Those of us who maybe surf or paddleboard on the weekends, or during annual vacations? Those of us who would get more enjoyment out of the experience if we didn't spend 80% of it missing waves, or getting bossed around by the current?

Just because the WaveJet doesn't require the same level of athleticism or skill as its revered counterparts, doesn't necessarily mean it's not fun. I mean, I can't luge (well, boobs notwithstanding) or bobsled, but I still like to bust out the ol' toboggan when it snows. And me on a skateboard in a half pipe would be like Mel Gibson on JDate. Crash and burn, baby. But no one condemns me--or you--for satisfying my need for speed and inversion by riding Space Mountain. Weak sauce in relation to non-motorized board surfing or not, the WaveJet probably serves up a nice little rush, and would give my ass something to do besides get sand in its crack and grow larger with each sip of margarita the next time I hit the beach.

The WaveJet pod is sold both on its own for use in a retro-fitted board (the $2,500 price tag), or in tandem with a WaveJet-ready board. The pod alone is 33" long x 13.5" wide x 3" thick, and weighs 16 pounds. Board options include:

  • Body Board ($4,395)
  • Shortboard ($4,395)
  • Longboard ($4,495-$4,595)
  • Stand-Up Paddleboard ($4,695-$4,796)
  • Gun ($4,595)
  • Rescue Board ($4,150)

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