Pearl Diver Octopus Water Fountain

Posted: February 04, 2018
Pearl Diver Octopus Water Fountain

Yarr! I got me a wicked tharrst! Unleash the Kraken...water fountain. Sean M. Monaghan designed this octopus fountain, called Pearl Diver, for SPLASH! restaurant in the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf. The double drinker is cast in bronze, and features fountains spewing from a smaller octopus at the bottom right of the shell basin, as well as a crab on the left. The pipes and shutoff valves leading to both, plus the submarine-looking plumbing system the kraken is wound around, add a big dose of steampunk to the "Lovecraftiness" of the water foundtain's 8-legged subject.

Monaghan completed the Pearl Diver octopus fountain in 2015. His website also features a few other sea-themed water fountains, as well as a giant octopus gumball machine, and additional bronze sculptures.

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