Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Dog Leash

Posted: December 08, 2018
Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Dog Leash

Ah, I can just hear Darth Vader at the dog park: "Charlie, come to the Dark Side. Come on. Come to the Dark Side, Charlie. Charlie! Charlie, come! Sigh. Alright then - Schvrmmmmmmm - off-leash time is over."

The Darth Vader Lightsaber Dog Leash is an interesting application of the iconic Star Wars prop. Because while, sure, it tethers your dog to the Dark Lord's saber, it also tethers the Dark Lord's saber to your dog. Could be an interesting twist on which of the two wields the power when one of them sees a squirrel.

The Lightsaber Dog Leash has an LED strip along it to make the lead portion glow red at the press of a button. This also activates the classic lightsaber sound effect. In addition to making the leash much, much cooler, these features also add a factor of safety to walking your dog in the dark.

The leash's "hilt" is a loop made of neoprene. When you press its buttons to activate the red LEDs, you can choose between blink, fast blink, and constant settings. Post battle / 5-mile walk you can recharge the lightsaber leash with an included USB cable.

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