Showerspecs - Reading Glasses for the Shower & Bath

Posted: July 27, 2021
Showerspecs - Reading Glasses for the Shower & Bath
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It's a sad day when I see a product like Showerspecs - reading glasses designed specifically for wear in the shower or bathtub, so you can, like, see the difference between your shampoo and conditioner, or notice that giant patch of hair you completely missed while manscaping - and think, "Huh. Maybe I could use some of those." A sad day indeed.

My fellow middle-age-approaching dudes and ladies, perhaps you will agree. Both on the sad dayness, and that you too could use a pair of Showerspecs.

Showerspecs distinguish themselves from non-shower readers in two ways: 1) the application of a double spun anti-fog coating Showerspecs says prevents "the steaminess of your shower from landing on your lenses"; and 2) treatment with an extra hydrophobic layer that helps keep water droplets at bay, presumably Rain-X-style

Showerspecs come in a few different colors and magnifications, and include a hook to hang and leave them in your shower. The water-friendly reading glasses are also handy for vision enhancement in the bathtub if you're someone who likes to settle in with a book.

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