Butter Girl & Boy Butter Keepers & Spreaders

Posted: June 19, 2021
Butter Girl & Boy Butter Keepers & Spreaders
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I'm not sure these look so much like Butter Girl & Boy Butter Keepers & Spreaders as they do, uh, Butter Voldemort's Children Butter Keepers & Spreaders. Or maybe Butter Kyle from South Park's Little Brother Ike Butter Keepers & Spreaders. (Which could, of course, be shortened to Butter Canadians Butter Keepers & Spreaders.) I mean, any way you look at them, they look a little disturbing, which kinda detracts from the awesomeness of what they do: hold your butter at the perpetual ready for slathering all over your corn.

Your toast.

Your body.

Like the Cob Quicky, Butter Girl & Boy Butter Keepers & Spreaders are whimsical accessories to your adventures in corn on the cob consumption. But unlike the former, I find them more disturbing than funny, and even though maker Talisman Designs calls ol' Butter Girl and Butter Boy great housewarming gifts, I might think twice before giving them to someone like myself who has to sleep with the lights on if he even sees a preview for a horror movie featuring children.

Look how the boxes Butter Girl and Butter Boy come in scream, "I butter corn!" on the front. Know what that really means? "I stab you in your sleep!"

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