NamaMat Anti-Fatigue Rug

Posted: July 01, 2019
NamaMat Anti-Fatigue Rug
$69 - $99
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Alright, NamaMat, you had me at a zillion gummy bears. According to this spiffed-up anti-fatigue mat's creators, the NamaMat "looks like an heirloom rug, wipes clean, and feels like you're standing on a zillion gummy bears." Ahhhh, just like in my dreams.

Except in my dreams, I can pluck one up and pop it in my mouth at will.

NamaMats bring more inspired and peaceful designs to traditional anti-fatigue mats, with purdy rug patterns that, unlike real rugs, wipe clean as new with a wet cloth and spray bottle when you track dirt or spill food and drinks on them. Or, like, if someone pees on your rug and ruins it.

Heh. I know at least one abiding Dude who will be heading over to Kickstarter to pledge for a NamaMat.

NamaMats are made for use in the kitchen, laundry room, standing desk, or even the patio if you've got to stand or kneel to tend to your garden. For their Kickstarter run, NamaMats will come in Marine blue, Dove gray, and Sand beige patterned tones.

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