FLEXIT Flashlight

Posted: July 24, 2020
FLEXIT 2.0 Flashlight
$21.99 - $49.99
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Of all the flexibility and flexible things I could have in my life, I never would have guessed a flashlight would be one of the most valuable. The FLEXIT is a bendable, wrappable, and, thanks to its magnetic rubber base, stickable light source that provides focused illumination for home maintenance and repair work, nighttime navigation, and emergencies such as flat tires and power outages.

The flashlight shown above, FLEXIT's 2.0, is peppered with 16 bright white LED flood lights that output 200 lumens of brightness. The company also makes a smaller, 10-LED version with a triangular body, and 2 brighter versions, a 400- and 500-lumen solar FLEXIT. All models feature hands-free operation and an ultra-thin flexible light pad that allows for multiple modes of use: a focused spotlight; a broad floodlight; or a lantern light with a 360-degree output.

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