Super Combo Scissors

Posted: July 16, 2014
Super Combo Scissors
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Vampire Professional Tools, first of Vampliers screw pliers and now of the Super Combo Scissors, should have hired the same person to name the latter who they did to coin the former. Or they should have hired me. I would have told them to call these wire-, leather-, paper-, fabric-, rope-, CD-, thin-film- cab-tire-cable-, and branch-cutters Vampire Inscissors. You know, like incisors. Like as sharp and capable of cutting through anything as a vampire's incisors.

In the future I recommend Vampire Professional Tools--no, all people on earth--keep in mind that if they're looking for a stroke of genius, they should fill a briefcase with many thousands of dollars and then arrange a meeting with me.

The VPT assembly line whittles carbon steel from Kobe Steel of Japan into pairs of fictional-predator-sharp blades with micro serrations that can cut through just about any household item requiring separation, extraction, or bifurcation. 4-in-1 Super Combo Scissors have a finger pinch guard to preclude accidental smashing between their heavy-duty handles, plus a specially designed S-shape to transmit gripping power efficiently from handle to shears. As the photos reflect, the scissors also have a super combo of grip options.

Additionally, one outer edge of the scissors' blades serves as a box cutter. Since the Super Combo Scissors can easily cut through copper and steel wire, Vampire Professional Tools also recommends them for light industrial use.

Super Combo Scissors are a top Dude Gift for Dad pick.

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