e-Beach Wagon - Electric Multi-Terrain Wagon

Posted: March 18, 2023
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You gotta really love the beach, or really not care where your money goes, to spend $2,500 on an e-Beach Wagon. However, for the beach bums, families that take daily summer excursions, and Richie McRichFaces out there, this 2' x 4' electric multi-terrain wagon can make schlepping your gear to and across the beach no more troublesome than lying in the sand once you get there.

The e-Beach Wagon moves at variable speeds the driver controls using a throttle, and steers with a hand grip. A pair of 12V sealed lead-acid batteries motorize the cart's aluminum frame and railings and polyurethane balloon tires. The design can carry over 300 pounds of beach bags, surfboards, umbrellas, inflatables, and coolers filled to the brim. The e-Beach Wagon batteries are also routed into a pair of USB charging ports to keep your devices juiced up throughout the day.

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