Repurposed Fire Hose Dog Toys

Posted: September 11, 2019
Repurposed Fire Hose Dog Toys
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On this 18th anniversary of 9/11, we remember the brave and indefatigable men and women who fought to save lives during and after the attacks. The passengers of United flights 93 and 175, and American flights 11 and 77. The civilians in the World Trade Center and the military personnel in the Pentagon. The first responders who died charging into the rubble of the felled Twin Towers. The surviving firefighters, police officers, and civilians who are still dealing with the traumatic physical and mental repercussions of the events today.

Eric Rotter is an active firefighter in Tucson, AZ. In his free time he runs No Live Fire, an Etsy shop featuring decommissioned fire hose and turnouts Rotter upcycles into sewn items, such as tote bags, wallets, coasters, and the ultra durable dog toys you see here.

Fire hose and firefighting gear is obviously made to withstand hard, heavy, hot, and high pressure use. They may also be the thing that finally withstands Chewie's jaws of steel and Rascal's ability to shake and pull the life out of toys that were never alive to begin with.

As a bonus, with No Live Fire fire hose dog toys, you don't have to worry about buying an adorable porcupine or ducky for your pup, and having him ruin it with slobber, dirt, and bits of treat particulates in the first 5 minutes. These hose sections look like they've been around the block a few (hundred) times upon arrival.

That's not to say they're dirty or harmful to your pets. All hose and turnout gear is washed a minimum of 3 times before repurposing. The fire hose dog toys are made from various sizes and colors of material, and no two are alike.

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