ROST Coffee Roaster

Posted: July 14, 2017
ROST Coffee Roaster
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The ROST Sample Roaster, a forthcoming $5,000 home coffee bean cooker, further proves that coffee is fast becoming an interest / habit / obsession as expensive as whiskey & women. Scotch & cigars. Weed & Twinkies. And Lucky Charms. And Pop Tarts. And Cheez-Wiz. Cheese Balls, Cheetos, cheesy quesadilla....

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Norway, the ROST is a slick and modern countertop roaster able to churn out 100-gram samples of roasted beans. Both enthusiastic and finicky coffee consumers alike will be able to test out different levels of heat and toastiness to determine their favorites, with full control over the machine's settings, and a 5-step roasting process that can be completed in as little as 3 minutes.

That the ROST Sample Roaster is built with multiple sensors that communicate with smart software over WiFi at least partially accounts for its exorbitant price tag. These components take most of the skill out of the roasting process so any average cup of joe can use the machine. That said, the ROST still seeks professional, commercial approval as a high-quality and user-friendly tool for experimenting with and perfecting the roast on small batches of beans before making them in quantity.

ROST's heat source is a custom-built clean gas burner; the initial run will take propane only.

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