Vintage Board Game: Run Yourself Ragged

Posted: May 13, 2020
Vintage Board Game: Run Yourself Ragged
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Hi. I was trying to think of this game the other day where you finger chaperoned a lead ball through a series of man made, plastic obstacles, and then slammed the ball down as hard as you could on a bell. Could not think of it to save my bacon. Then my girlfriend decided she'd try and make me feel like a gigantic piece of shit by announcing she was going for a run. I told her, "Don't run yourself ragged." And here we are.

Well, not quite yet, first, I went on the internet and searched and found that they actually make a new shitty looking version (it's exactly the same) of the game, but they're calling it...get this... TOMY Screwball Scramble Games for Kids ($22). Now that is a dumb fucking name (DFN). I'm not interested in playing that game even if it is $133 less than the retro classic being offered by this fine Etsy seller. And while $155 for an old board game seems extravagant, you watch, some rich middle aged mother fugger will buy this reminder of childhood within the next week.

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