Steelmade Home Range Flat Top Grill

Posted: August 10, 2018
Steelmade Home Range Flat Top Grill
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Restaurant-ify your home kitchen range with Steelmade's Flat Top Grill. The stovetop accessory fits over your existing burners and uses their heat to create a single 27" x 20" cooking surface you can use to pan fry, grill, and griddle without dirtying a stack of separate skillets. (Though if you have to dirty a skillet, I've found this nonstick frying pan is the easiest one on the whole earth to clean.

The extra space will also give you license to make larger cuts and quantities of food without worrying that part of your salmon fillet kinda curved up the side of pan isn't going to cook right, or the 4 pounds of onions you need to caramelize for a dinner party don't have enough room to do anything but steam into mush.

And. And! You can make a 16" pancake!

The Steelmade Flat Top also accommodates pots and pans, so you'll still be able to reduce a sauce in one corner of the grill while searing the 8 pork chops you're going to dump it all over on the rest.

You can slip a Steelmade over most 4- to 5-burner gas ranges, as well as electric ranges with coil heating elements. The grill has weep holes and a drip tray for collecting grease and runoff that sits underneath it, and will need about 1/2" of clearance below the grill surface to fit.

You'll use your existing stove burners to heat the Steelmade Flat Top, and you can set them at the same level for and even griddle surface temperature, or at different levels to create heating zones for different foods.

Steelmade makes their Flat Top Grill out of heavy duty 3/16" copper, with a...just kidding. Obviously the Flat Top is made of steel. American steel that's been pounded out in Kansas, and hand-oiled to create a naturally non-stick surface. You'll need to wash the grill by hand, but the removable grease trap is dishwasher safe.

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